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What Is A Washimacallit?

All about our newest product that is useful for ANY washi lover!

Welcome to our new blog and website. We will posting all sorts of new content here including new projects, products and our crazy adventures.

The first and newest product we have is a Washimacallit. So what exactly is a washimacallit?

A washimacallit is the easiest way to cut your washi. Have you ever tried cutting your washi with scissors and find out that it is sooo annoying and you can never get a straight cut? Well now you can cut your washi with the washimacallit with ease and get a straight line while doing it.

To use it, you just put your washi where you want it on page, place the angle part of the washimacallit on the washi and pull the roll up. It's that simple! For wider washi, just use the long part of the washimacallit. It can do any size!

Seriously y'all, I hate cutting washi, and this thing has saved my sanity! If you received one of these at Scrapbook Expo, let us know how you are liking it!

The best part of a washimacallit? It comes on a super cute charm to attach to your planner so you always have it when you need it!

Happy washi-ing everyone!

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We are super excited also! Thanks for signing up for our blog, you're the best!!!


Jul 22, 2018

Love that ya'll are doing this! Can't wait to hear about the retreats and classes!

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