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Gnomies - Summer Edition!

We had so much fun with the first Scrappin' with my Gnomies Crop that we decided to do it again. What a great idea because we had so much fun! We had an entirely new group of ladies except for 2 who joined us for the second go round also!

Of course it wouldn't be an Event without Games!

And more games!

And even more games! This was my favorite! It was way too hot to go outside so we decided to play in a cramped hallway making it even more fun! It is crazy what you will do for a prize! I don't know who was having more fun me or the dancers! LOL

It is always fun to win but it is more fun when you have a shareable prize!

Make n Takes are always so much fun!

For our 2nd Gnomie Awards, our winners

were from Left to Right:

I Scrapped -- Angie

I Tried -- Valarie

I Talked -- Patti

We had lots of laughs with our funny made up awards!

We all know the absolute very best part of the crop is being with and meeting new friends!

Click on the arrow to see all the pictures!

Thank you to everyone attended! I hope you had as much fun as we did! We can't wait to do it again!

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Jul 22, 2020

Thanks for a GREAT time, and all the fun pictures!


Thanks for the fun photos! So sad to still be quarantined and miss the fun time! So glad you gals had a blast!!

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