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Doodle, Doodle! Who Likes to Doodle?

Who likes to doodle? I do! Do you? If you think you can't draw a stick figure, you're wrong! Doodling is fun, it can be therapeutic, it's easy and sometimes the wonkier, the better!

I also love to play with watercolors. I was about ready to start on a new project but had some dried paints on a palette and sure hated to waste them. I decided to use them and doodle! Two fun things to do at once!

Items you will need if you want to play along:

1. Watercolors

2. Washi Tape

3. Paint Brush

4. Water

5. Watercolor paper or watercolor journal.

I first took some skinny Washi tape and sectioned off some areas on a piece of watercolor paper. I did this on a piece of 4 inch by 5 1/4 inch piece of paper so I could use it as a card front. I didn't measure the placement of the Washi tape...that's too time consuming for me....I just sort of eyeballed it. Perfection does not have to be what you're going for here!

Press down your washi tape so that paint doesn't bleed under it.

I used a flat brush....but any brush would could even use a waterbrush and fill in the squares with various colors or the same color in various shades (change the value of the pigment with water) for a monochromatic look. You could also scribble Tombow Dual Pens or Zig Pens, etc. on an acrylic block and pick up colors with a brush. The Amy Tangerine watercolor kit would be absolutely perfect for this. We have these sets at Let's Get Creative Y'all (click on link to take you there!) for $25.00. They are super cute (and functional) and a great and inexpensive way to see if you like working with watercolors as they come with the paints, the waterbrush and a waterproof pen. Really, the sky is the limit! So many options.

Take care not to veer over the Washi tape (unless you want to...there are no rules!).

I waited for it to dry and then pulled off the Washi tape. Ahhhh....the satisfaction of the tape pull!

And then I doodled. There are just hundreds and hundreds of ideas on Pinterest if you don't feel confident drawing. You could search for bird doodles, house doodles, plant doodles, car doodles, etc. On this one I chose to do cactus doodles.

You can use any pen that works for you....I like Micron pens because they are waterproof and make a great line. The .05 and .08 are my favorites but you can go thicker or thinner depending on what floats your doodle!

After I completed my doodles I put some foam tape on the back and put it on a card base. Who wouldn't love a hand doodled card???

I also adore the Strathmore 5.5 x 8 inch watercolor journal. The paper is 140 lb. (300g/m2) paper so it's nice and thick and holds a good bit of water for playing around with. I love it!

Here's the same technique done in my Strathmore journal with crazy and cute houses and clouds (maybe you'll even spot a birdfeeder or two!).

I loved my little tent in the mountains!

And here's another small one with some doodled birds.

So much fun!

So....c'mon...let's see your doodles!

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I love the Doodles post! such a good idea. And I have the Amy Tangerine watercolor set and just love it. It is perfect for this craft.


I love the Doodles post! such a good idea. And I have the Amy Tangerine watercolor set and just love it. It is perfect for this craft.

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