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And the Fun Continued!

We had the best three days of fun at the Scrappin' With My Gnomies crop and were sad when it all was over and we had to go home!

Check out this picture of all the croppers in their Gnomies mask. The eyes have it!

Of course there are other ways to wear masks, too....even if the CDC and WHO do not approve!

More cute mask pictures and even cuter Gnomies!

Who would have ever thought face masks of the non Halloween kind would be

common at a CROP??!

Sara designed an oh so cute Gnomie make and take and everyone enjoyed making it!

Is this adorable or what?!

Here are some of the Gnomies working on their make and takes (click the arrow to see all of the pictures:

We divided up into teams and had a wild and crazy Relay Race to make a tag:

Yes! Hand Sanitizer was part of the game!!

Smiles and some serious concentration going on!

And we had a winner! Team Laura!

We played Musical Chairs with lots of laughing, music and outdoors with no chairs!

On Sunday, our last day, we gave out awards!

The "I Scrapped" Award was given to Sandy as she completed lots of projects!

The "I Talked" Award was given to Karrie for.....well, you guess it....she talked! Do you think she looks surprised?....or not....?

And lastly, the "I Tried" Award was given to Val for trying....but maybe not succeeding in churning out pages!

Our three award recipients together:

And Lisa was unanimously voted Miss Congeniality even though it wasn't a real category, so we couldn't let that go unnoticed because we totally agree!

A few more pictures of our very fun weekend!

All in all we had a great time!

Thanks for joining us and we hope to see you at our next event!

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