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These large, non-toxic, durable, fast drying inks were designed to work on canvas, chipboard, paper, and vellum. Rubber Stampers also love to use Powderpuff chalking inks when card making. Why settle for 1 or 2 when you can have the whole set?!

Set Colors are:
- Poppy (POW177)
- Dandelion (POW178)
- Manzanita (POW179)
- Pink Magnolia (POW180)
- Black Rose (POW181)
- Weeping Willow (POW182)
- Purple Dahlia (POW183)
- Blue Lotus (POW184)
- Dragonfly (POW185)
- Roots (POW186)
- Petunia (POW187)
- Spanish Moss (POW188)

Fast drying. Drys permanent. Creates a soft chalked look. Unique shape for multiple uses. Works on: Canvas Chipboard Paper Rubber Stamps Vellum

2024 Secret Garden Powder Puff Ink Set

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